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Many students are looking for more question to practice to prepare for the AP Test as well as the ACT science test. I have been working with a online review site to generate questions for the ACT Science test you can get more information here: Albert.io

I have a new section to my iBook series, Learn Advanced Chemistry, this section focuses on spectrophotometry and is a perfect addition to the sections on mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography. The spectrophotometry book can be found on the iBook store with the link below:

If your interested in liquid chromatography, I have an iBook on that topic as well. It can be downloaded from the link below:

Don't forget the chapter on mass spectrometry, a new topic that has been added to the AP Chemistry curriculum. It can be downloaded from the link below:

Also available is a full treatment of chemical kinetics, Learn Advanced Chemistry:Chemical Kinetics is the perfect companion to the lectures on Unit 8 Chemical Kinetics.

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